Clothing sales tax exemption in new budget, says Cahill

Kevin Cahill. (Photo by Dan Barton)

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (D-Ulster, Dutchess) announced that the new state budget lawmakers began adopting today will exempt the state’s 4 percent sales tax on clothing, footwear and related items sold for less than $110 each. The exemption will take effect on April 1st so shoppers will be able to take advantage of the tax break this weekend.

“As the economy slowly improves it is important to make sure everyone benefits,” said Cahill.  “This tax break will make it a little easier for hard working people to put clothes on their backs and provide for their families.”

The sales tax exemption builds on the Assembly’s push to reform the state tax code to help the families that have been hit the hardest during the economic downturn.  This latest change comes after the Legislature adopted income tax cuts for the middle class that went into effect this year.


“Too many working families are having a hard time keeping up and we need focus more on their needs,” said Cahill. “This break is another step toward accomplishing that goal.”