Fitting together

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

Lenny Kislin had long been a fan of the art of Marshall Baer, the late artist known for his sculptures and doll collages, as well as his iconoclastic Rainbow Lodge in Mt. Tremper. The sculptor and curator of the longstanding series of art exhibits at Oriole 9, in the center of Woodstock, said recently that he was planning a show of such items when he visited Baer a while back and was shown the last body of work he was finishing up, and turning into what has become a lucrative business: a series of puzzles based on Baer’s paintings.

Immediately, Lenny recalls, he told Baer he wanted those Puzzle pieces for Oriole 9… And voila!, that’s what’s on view in the popular eatery and gathering place for the coming month, alongside four large, dramatically engaging paintings by resurgent psychedelic and glass artist Isaac Abrams.

“Very soon after that day, Marshall passed away,” Kislin added. “It’s a beautiful exhibit…his works are stunning.”