Matteson out as county economic development head

Ulster County is apparently in the market for a new economic development director. According to reliable sources, Ulster County Development Corp. President Lance Matteson has been asked to resign.

Lance Matteson.

The decision, according to sources, came about two weeks ago at a closed-door joint meeting of county legislators, UCDC officials, IDA (Industrial Development Agency) leaders and the county executive’s staff with Matteson.

Matteson, an attorney, was appointed to his position by the UCDC in April of 2007; at about the time the national economy was beginning to decline.


There had been widespread  concern about the lack of job creation by the UCDC in recent years, evidenced by County Executive Mike Hein’s reducing the agency’s county appropriation by some $100,000 from $200,000 in his 2012 budget.

UCDC is a public/private corporation which derives funding from the county, state and private donations.

There has been no word on a possible replacement for Matteson, who was paid about $130,000 a year, plus benefits.