Letter: Serious business

An exclusive interview with Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize- winning economist and columnist for the NY Times. We talked about prospects for the economy.
Saugerties Times: “What makes Saugerties unique?”
Paul Krugman: “Actually. I’m not that familiar with Saugerties. I do see some signs of life in the Hudson Vally, especially in Orange County.”
ST: “Speaking of that, what are your three favorite fruits?”
PK: “Apples, bananas and pears I suppose.”
ST: “What is your favorite color, animal, and flower?”
PK: “I thought we were going to talk about the economy.”
ST: Is being economical your favorite virtue?”
PK: “What the…….?
ST: “What is your idea of misery?”
PK: “I’m beginning to think I’m approaching that right now.”
ST: “What is your mail fault?”
PK: “Maybe it’s consenting to moronic interviews like this one.”
ST: “What is your present state of mind?”
PK: “Need you ask?”
ST: “Thank you Mr. Krugman”
PK: “Yeah.”
Arnold Lieber