Poné Ensemble performs Nature-inspired modern music this Sunday in New Paltz

With spring just around the corner, the timing of “Nature in Music,” a concert by the Poné Ensemble held on March 4 at the Methodist Church in New Paltz, couldn’t be more auspicious. Harmonies meant to suggest the meanderings of insects, the regal gait of tigers and panthers, the silvery notes of a hermit thrush or the midnight flutterings of a moth are a delicious preview to the dawn trillings that will soon fill the air.

The program begins with two pieces by Benjamin Britten titled The Grasshopper and The Wasp, featuring an oboe and a piano, followed by Charles Martin Loeffler’s Deux Rhapsodies, L’Etang (The Pond), and La Cornemuse (The Bagpipe), performed by oboe, viola and piano; Shirley Hoffman Warren’s Private Menageries, which was written in 2002 and features a soprano, tenor, cello and piano, variously suggesting the perambulations of a tiger, panther and moth; selections from Wissahickon poeTrees by Jennifer Higdon, featuring oboe, percussion and cello; and two piano pieces titled Hermit Thrushes by Amy Beach.

Tickets cost $15 general admission, $12 for seniors and $5 for students and can be purchased at the door. The Methodist Church is located at the corner of Grove and Main Streets.