The new kids in town

New Paltz Defense Against Fracking is the new environmental kid in town. We are a citizens-initiated group of concerned New Yorkers who are asking the New Paltz Town Council to pass a Community Rights Ordinance (CRO) to prohibit fracking and all related activities.

We thank all who could come out to the Feb. 6 informational meeting at the Town Hall about a CRO (Bill of Rights) to protect our community from toxic drilling for natural gas in the Town of New Paltz. Other municipalities are pursuing legal protection to ban fracking, including nearby Town of Rochester.

Our rights to safe drinking water are unalienable, inherent, civil and human. A CRO addresses and outlines our protection, as well as provides law and use of enforcement of this law by police and courts, should the oil and gas industry be issued permits by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to drill.


Over 34 states have reported devastation from this toxic form of drilling. At this time Town of New Paltz is considering a layer of protection against this endangering activity. The CRO is one of the many legal strategies cities and towns are enacting to help New York State avoid the risk of the catastrophic consequences of fracking.

See for yourself. Even if you think you know about fracking, listen to the testimony of residents in towns where toxic drilling occurs and has occurred. HOW SAFE IS THAT!? Governor Andrew Cuomo says we will not frack in New York State unless it is done safely. Call him at 518-474-8390 and say “no matter how much regulation and oversight, fracking can NEVER be safe.”

The Feb. 6 meeting at New Paltz Town Hall was recorded for public access channel 23 and can also be viewed on the internet at Multiple testimonies can be found at (18min.) Watch for 150 seconds overview.

A Community Rights Ordinance can be the next best step for Town of New Paltz against Slick Water – High Volume – Hydraulic Fracturing – Horizontal Drilling (SW-HV-HF-HD) simply called fracking.

Michele Riddell

Myra Long

Rosalyn Cherry

New Paltz Defense Against Fracking