Hinchey condemns filmmaker arrest, calls it ‘shameful stain’

Here’s the statement from U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey on the arrest of Gasland director Josh Fox:

Washington, DC – Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) today released the following statement upon learning that Gasland Director Josh Fox was arrested for attempting to film a public congressional hearing on hydraulic fracturing. The Chairman of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology ordered Fox arrested when he attempted to film the hearing on the Environmental Protection Agency’s approach to studying ground water contamination that resulted from hydraulic fracturing in Pavilion, Wyoming.

Hinchey is a leader in Congress of the effort to protect drinking water and the environment from the risks of hydraulic fracturing. He is a co-author of the FRAC Act, which would mandate public disclosure of chemicals used in frack fluid and allow the EPA to regulate fracking activities under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The congressman also authored the appropriations language that led to the current EPA study on hydraulic fracturing.


“It is beyond unacceptable that acclaimed documentary director Josh Fox was arrested for trying to film a public hearing on groundwater contamination caused by hydraulic fracturing in Pavilion, Wyoming. This was a public hearing, there was plenty of room for cameras, and a credentialed camera crew was told they would be denied access because they were working for a documentary filmmaker. This is blatant censorship and a shameful stain on this Congress. I stand by Josh’s right to record this hearing. His arrest was a huge mistake.”

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  1. Kelly from Hyde Park

    We know why he was arrested…it speaks volumes. If anyone has seen his movie “Gasland”, that will answer why they don’t want him filming. The hydraulic fracking they want to begin doing here closer to the NY Watershed is going to ruin clean water forever here. Anyone who is on the fence needs to see that movie. It was a documentary based film and showed true events of what fracking has done to cities already….

  2. Dona Syman

    This is outrageous, to close a Congressional Committee Meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing when they know that the public is concerned about their drinking water! This truly is a mistake that will come back to haunt them! The people have rights, and we will not tolerate this! The fight goes on to protect our water!

  3. carey harben

    I agree 100% and I am also outraged! Our politicians/our Congress are not answerable to the people; they are bought and paid for by corporate interests for whom our constitutional rights are an impediment to profit making.
    Until WE the people and the majority of the people recognize and embrace the fact that our planet; and all natural resources are SACRED; more so than any manufactured product or commodity; we will continue to cause suffering and violence and difficult consequences for ourselves and our children! We must look to those who are living in balance and creating commerce in ways that are more respectful and considerate of our precious resources.

  4. Larry

    Arresting this film maker speaks volumns about the fear gas companys have of more exposure of the true effects of pumping chemicals into the ground. This pollution of the drinking water is the main reason to prohibit fracking. And they know it. And we know it.

  5. ralph childers

    You know, I’m not sure it’s just the gas hogs who are behind this. Think about the companies that want to sell you water. Could coke be lobbying for this bull doodoo too?

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