Inside Diamond Mills hotel and restaurant

Photo by Dion Ogust

Diamond Mills Hotel & Tavern is open for business.

After a busy year of construction, and over four years since the community first learned of HITS president Tom Struzzieri’s plans, Diamond Mills is hosting events, booking rooms and serving diners.

The four-story, 64,115-square-foot brick-and-cultured-stone complex, which sprawls along seven and a half acres on the bluff above the Esopus Creek, is of a scale that’s unprecedented for the village. It consists of a 30-room boutique hotel building linked to a second building, which is divided into the conference center and restaurant with a bar and upstairs lounge area. The rates, too, are unprecedented, starting at $275 a night and rising to more than $500 a night for a luxury suite in the high season.

The conference center, with a capacity for 450 seats, is by far the largest in Ulster County, filling a void for large meeting space in the area and giving Poughkeepsie’s Grandview a run for its money. (Diamond Mills has already hosted its first banquet: a benefit for Benedictine Hospital seating 407, and has a similar event planned for Kingston Hospital.)


Such an ambitious development and the inherent riskiness of a new hotel and restaurant would seem to be a difficult proposition in a down economy. But in fact, it was the unique availability of a low-interest loan through the Federal Stimulus Act that made Diamond Mills possible, says Struzzieri. The target customers are the thousands of HITS [Horseshows In The Sun] participants and spectators each year, fall leaf-peepers and the corporate and wedding crowd from New York City and environs.

“There’s a demand for upscale lodging in Ulster County,” said Struzzieri. Lack of it has kept some HITS customers away. They expect room service, valet parking, and other amenities, says Struzzieri. “Now they’ll come here. I also believe those customers will stay here and patronize the area restaurants. They’ll come up the hill and be a multiplier for Saugerties. The high tide will float all boats.”

Such comments clearly were meant to downplay the competition posed by the new hotel to existing lodgings and restaurants. Struzzieri believes there’s plenty of business for everyone. “I’ve developed the demand for 1,000 rooms each weekend for 10 to 12 weeks of the year,” he said. “We don’t want to alienate those relationships with our hotel partners.”

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  1. Juma Abubakari Naaman

    The only small ihave in my mined first thing it look very nice’ with confort bed room then I espect it have good services customer care iwish you people all the best in your bussines and GOD bless the work of your arm have anice job.

  2. Pauline Orrison

    The Tavern is a fantastic addition to the culinary world in the area. The staff goes “above and beyond” to make sure customers are happy. The food speaks for itself…THE BEST IN THE AREA! However, the food would only be secondary if it was not for the wonderful management who have out done themselves with the pressure of opening a new restaurant. This entire team, The Chef, his staff, management, servers etc deserve the credit for making Diamond Mills Tavern a success!!!! To find people in this area that are as devoted as the employees of Diamond Mills is rare. Tom, Chef, Lisa, Bridget, Bonnie & Sam definitely have what it takes to make this place a success.

  3. D. Beers

    What do I think about Diamond Mills? Its absolutely amazing…..thanks to Kimberly R. Ryan, a Saugerties native, and an associate of the architectual firm. She was the brains and brawn behind the designing and building of this hotel. Way to go Kim…..your hard work, dedication and brilliance should not go unnoticed!

  4. Steve Sutton

    My wife and I were looking at real estate in the area and visiting some old haunts. We found ourselves at the end of the day in Hudson needing a place to stay the night. In searching the web we came across Diamond Mills Hotel and Tacern in Saugerties. It sounded good so we zipped down there and were amazed by how well appointed the newly built hotel was. After freshening up we headed to the tavern and continued to be pleasantly surprised by the upscale nature of the place. Tastefully designed and decorated the Tavern (as did the hotel room) overlooks a dramatically lit waterfall. A polite and professional staff proceeded to serve us a delicious meal. Our one regret was not leaving enough room for dessert. The prices were a bit high, but we knew that going in as we were looking for an evening quality, upscale dining and accommodations. You get what you pay for and Diamond Mills did not disappoint

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