Hugh Reynolds: T’was the night before …

So many subjects, so little space. But here goes, the 25th annual Christmas list for the famous, infamous and obscure.

For Shayne Gallo: T.R.’s buried treasure.

For Steve Aaron: Grand marshal in the 2012 St. Patrick’s Day parade (Dave O’Halloran will drive him in the green Hibernian convertible).

For Jerry Benjamin: The title role in Jerry Lewis’s remake of the Nutty Professor.


For Adele Reiter: Mileage.

For Wayne Harris: George Hamilton’s tanning salon.

For B. Rimai and J. Hoffman: Fats Domino’s We’re Walkin’ (And we’re talkin’).

For Ron Woods: Jon Sennett’s fedora.

For Tom Hoffay: Bill Reynolds’ guide to herding cats.

For Ken Ronk: Republican solidarity.

For John Kelly (the real St. Patrick’s grand marshal): Irish weather.

For Jim Carey:  A new clubhouse, no mortgage.

For Don Ryan: Dinners with dad.

For Diana Spada: A Carnright bumper sticker.

For Marc Luksberg: Snazzy wheels.

For Steve Saland: The annual LGBTQ award for courage.

For Marc Molinaro: Bill Steinhaus’ autobiography, Ruling with an Iron Fist, with foreword by Mike Hein.

For Robin Yess: Mario Catalano joining her Liberty Coalition.

For Julian Schreibman: Another set of twins.

For Elliott Auerbach: A pack of bloodhounds.

For Tiffany Dockery: Tiny bubbles.

For Holley Carnright: A warm handshake from two-time doormat Sennett.

For Don Williams: Mercy tempered.

For Joan Lawrence Bauer: The lead in Mary Poppins.

For Marshall Beckman: About six more hours in the day.

For Alan Lomita: Hot tamales.

For Langdon Chapman: An Ulster branch office.

For John Dittus: Phil Sinagra’s badge.

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  1. nopolitics

    For Hugh Reynolds and Terry Bernardo, co-starring roles in the upcoming feature film “Honey, We Shrunk Jeannette Provenzano On New Year’s Day”, with a new tax policy for filmmakers coming to Kingston.

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