Letters to the editor, Oct. 13, 2011

In future I will go to the Farmer’s Market in Saugerties — it is simply too upsetting to see what has happened to what once was the most charming street in the Hudson Valley.

With my sympathy for your loss,

Roberta Brangam and Tim Snell, New York City


Write in Andi

On Sept. 13, our candidate for mayor, Andi Turco-Levin, lost the primary. As volunteers who worked on her campaign, (our first time ever) we were very disappointed.

Maria and I along with many others joined her campaign because we believed in her to be the best mayoral candidate. We did our homework on the other candidates and felt Andi’s campaign platform was solid and to the point.


Now Andi is no longer on the ballot and we find ourselves in a dilemma. Whom are we going to vote for? In good conscience, we could not vote for the three remaining candidates running.

We called the board of elections and asked if we could do a write-in on Nov. 8 for someone who was no longer on the ballot. They said “yes” as long as it is a real person and someone who lives in the City of Kingston.

Therefore, for those who say to us “too bad Andi didn’t win the primary” we say “just write her in.” Your vote does count. We are urging everyone who is not happy with the results of the primary to do the same.

Citizens for a New Beginning – Maria Loeffel and Bruce Margopoulos, Kingston

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