Promises made & kept

Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel promised to do everything in his power to keep town taxes as low as possible. He has kept those promises and more.

The town’s 2011 general tax is about 11 percent of our total property tax bill and the tax rate is lower in 2011 than it was a decade ago. In contrast, our school tax is about 60 percent of our property taxes.

He raised millions of dollars in grants for much needed infrastructure and upgrade projects so taxpayers wouldn’t be burdened with those costs.


The Kings Highway water and sewer project is done, and Saugerties is now home to longest shovel-ready business corridor in Ulster County. Cost to the taxpayers? Zero.

The consolidation of the town and village police departments is done. Cost to the taxpayers of renovating and expanding the police building? Zero.

The upgrade to energy efficient lighting in town municipal buildings is done. Cost to the taxpayers? Zero. Savings to the taxpayers? Over $27,000 annually.

Greg would, no doubt say, that he didn’t accomplish these things by himself… that he’s had a great team in Fred Costello and Leeanne Thornton. That’s absolutely true. But that’s what good leaders say…and do. They give credit. They don’t take credit. And Greg Helsmoortel is a very, very good leader….and an exceptional supervisor.

There are many ways you can support out candidates not the least of which is to attend a meet and greet and get to know them first hand. I am confident you will be as impressed as we all are.