Funky camera night

Having trouble understanding your video camera? Can’t get the playback to work right? On-board mic isn’t recording? What is white balance anyway?

LighthouseTV23 is sponsoring a “Funky Camera Night” Thursday, Sept. 29 from 7-9 p.m. to solve those and other nagging questions. Bring your video camera to us and a group of TV23 techie members will listen to your problem and attempt to analyze and correct what’s ailing your camera and get you back to recording!

The workshop will take place in the large conference room in the rear of Town Hall (Planning Board entrance). It’s free and all are welcome.


Please charge your camera battery or bring the AC adapter, and definitely find and bring the manual for the unit. Bring tape if there is a tape problem.

For further information call Anastasia Redman at Lighthouse TV23 at 246-2800 x 341