School district enrollment increases

Enrollment in the Saugerties Central School District is just about 3,000 students, Superintendent Seth Turner said this week. That is a substantial increase over the 2,879 figures reported in Saugerties Times last July, but still down from the 3,424 in the 2000-2001 school year.

The breakdown is as follows: Riccardi, 356; Grant D. Morse, 386; Cahill, 341; Mount Marion, 352; and the junior-senior high school, 1,565. However, Turner noted, these are not the official figures, and there have been some fluctuations already. The figures cited in the state Board of Education data distributed in mid-October is the official enrollment for the year, he explained.

An example of how enrollments can fluctuate is the experience of Mount Marion Elementary School, which finished last year with 24 students enrolled in kindergarten. The school gained 16 kindergartners over the summer to bring the enrollment in that grade up to 40, principal Lawrence Mautone reported at the school board meeting of Tuesday, September 13.