Letters (Aug. 18 – 25)

Lighthouse vandalized, artist upset

As an artist who has one of the lighthouses on display on Main Street near Hudson Valley Dessert Company, I go weekly to check on it. As I approach, I ask myself, “is everything okay? Does it need an adjustment so that passersby can enjoy it? Will it look good for the auction in September that will raise funds for charities like the Boys & Girls Club?”  I designed my lighthouse to honor the village of Saugerties 200th birthday. It depicts what I think it might have been like to live at the lighthouse, particularly from a woman’s point of view. Attached to the lighthouse is a shop (birdhouse) where the women of the lighthouse are selling not only bait for fishermen but handmade quilts, earning “a little money on the side,” so to speak. To complete this imaginary picture, I installed a garden with sunflowers under which a cat was resting, and on the dock was the family dog.

When I checked my lighthouse this week, I was really upset by what had happened to it. The ceramic dog had been pried off the dock and stolen, and the little cat had been gouged out of the garden and taken, too. Whoever did this could have easily walked half a block to the Happy Paws shop where they often have such figures like this for sale, for very little money. A purchase would have supported the UCSPCA. I plan to fix the lighthouse before the auction in September, but now before that. Upset and disappointed,

Mary Alice Lindquist



Sad about Opus 40

I understand the logic for the town removing itself from involvement with Opus 40. I get the fear of ramifications caused by potential liability from possible accidents on the site. At the same time, it’s really sad to see yet another example of Americans backing off from doing something potentially exciting out of fear and caution. Seems like we used to take chances to make things happen, instead of cowering in fear of what might happen. Seems like that mythical American “can do” spirit has been replaced by a “don’t sue me” spirit. Sad.


Michael Weinstein



Riggins for legislature

This letter is written in reference to our daughter, Pamela Riggins, who is running for Saugerties Town Council. Pamela has always been a high achiever. She attained very high academic averages and as a result, was inducted in the honor society in middle and high school. She has always stayed focused and set her goals high.

In her junior year of high school, she was class president. After graduating from Kingston High School, she attended SUNY Cortland and majored in psychology. She again worked very hard and was inducted into the psychology department’s honor society. Pamela graduated and was hired as a caseworker for the Ulster County Department of Social Services. She was very dedicated to protecting the children in both the foster care and child protective units. After several years, she returned to school at SUNY Oneonta and completed a master’s degree in school guidance, graduating with a GPA of 3.9. She again entered the work force in 1993 in a temporary guidance counselor position at Bailey Middle School, and in 1994 was hired as a guidance counselor at Arlington Middle School.

She completed a second master’s degree in school district administration, and has worked serving children and families for 22 years. She is truly a high achiever, is well-educated, and has insatiable energy. Our daughter is truthful, compassionate, and has always achieved any goals she has set for herself. Her experience and skill will enhance her ability to be an exceptional leader in Saugerties. She is also a dedicated, loving mother of our five-year-old granddaughter, Adrianna, serving as an amazing role model for her daughter. Her dad and I without hesitation recommend that you vote for her for Saugerties Town Council. She will work hard and always do what is in the best interest of the residents of Saugerties. We love her and wish her luck in her pursuit in public office.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Riggins