It’s called democracy: Dems sabotage GOP Ward 9 candidate

Claiming in published reports that townsfolk were “begging” her to run for supervisor, she advised me via e-mail that she made the decision only a week ago.

I doubt that. Zimet may have committed only recently; but she’s been plotting this move for at least two months. Zimet was nominated for a fifth term in the legislature by Democrats in June.

Former school board member Steve Greenfield, an independent candidate for legislature in New Paltz, may have smoked out Zimet with a series of sharply worded letters to New Paltz Times accusing Zimet of being a double-dipper.


There’s some interesting history on that. When the current legislature replaced the board of supervisors 40-plus years ago, it was not clear whether an incumbent supervisor could run for re-election as supervisor and seek election as a legislator at the same time. Several tried. All lost both. Reflecting public sentiment, the law, as Zimet well knows, does not allow a person to seek more than one elected office at a time.

As for Greenfield, he should be delirious over all-but-automatic Zimet out of the race for legislator, although I don’t think she was attempting to do her severest critic any favors.

The road back to town hall — Zimet served two tumultuous terms as supervisor in the mid-1990s — will not be smooth. Hokanson, for all her warts — she was three months late filing a town audit with the comptroller this year — has a following which will turn out.

Zimet, who hasn’t faced a real opponent in years, may have some difficulty getting up to fighting speed, “begging” constituents notwithstanding.

It would appear the clever Zimet can’t lose, or can she? If she gets beaten for supervisor, she’s still on the ballot for legislator. Against an energized and righteous Greenfield.

Note: Greenfield has been particularly tough on Zimet over her attendance record as a legislator. It’s a stretch. Official records show Zimet missed six meetings last year (including special meetings) out of 24, compared to 11 for Bob Aiello of Saugerties (the leading no-show). Six legislators attended every meeting.


She’s back

Robin Yess exited hissing and moaning over the good ol’ boys sabotaging her brief chairmanship of the Republican Party last spring, warning that she could accomplish more “on the outside.”

Now she’s back, spokesperson of a local Tea Party clone called the Liberty Coalition. Other “advisory team” members include former legislature attorney David Van Benschoten, Vivian Wadlin, Pam Odell and Jon Dogar Michailescu, husband of Manuela, candidate for the Republican nomination for legislature in Rochester.

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  1. Sic of It

    They did the same thing to the lady running in Ward 5. Woerner paid a 74 yr old lady to go down with the list of objections he and his buddies Blaber and Madson wrote up. What a crock these guys are so afraid that someone actually wants to do some good and could beat them. Everyone knows Woerner only moved into the ward so he could run. Also could anyone tell me why a man who drives a car like that even lives in section 8 apartments anyway? All these old school good old boys have got to go. If these kind of people continue to run this city we’re up a creek without a paddle. How anyone would even consider voting for or even supporting a guy like Woerner after what he did in the Town of Ulster is beyond me. Running in Ward 5 on the premise that he loves it because it was part of his grandaddys ward so long ago. Rediculous, the only time I’ve ever seen the guy is when he came to my door looking for my vote come Primary..guess what he ain’t getting it!

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