Town-wide yard sale

Below is a list of participating addresses in tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) town-wide yard-sale. The yard sale runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please, no early birds. Maps of participant locations will be available the day of the yard sale at the Information Booth next to MacDonalds and the Kiersted House. And there’s always google maps. Happy hunting!

111 Canterbury Drive, Saugerties
21 Division St., Saugerties
90 Josephs Drive, Saugerties
27 Spaulding Lane, Saugerties
18 Spaulding Lane, Saugerties
Katsbaan Reformed Church,
1800 Old Kings Highway
1 Edgewood Drive, Saugerties
30 Highwoods Rd., Saugerties
22 Dutchtown Rd., Saugerties
2 Prospect St., Saugerties
54 Dutchtown Rd., Saugerties
114 Dutchtown Rd., Saugerties
1936 Rt. 32 South, Saugerties
74 Main St. , Saugerties
45 Clermont St., Saugerties
396 Main St., Saugerties
7 Simmons St. , Saugerties
1109 Main St., Malden
16 Livingston St., Saugerties
69 South Partition St. Saugerties
49 Ulster. Saugerties
4 Williams St., Saugerties
171 Ulster Ave. In Rear of Building, Saugerties
18 George Saile Rd., Saugerties
26 Hideaway Lane, Saugerties
13 Brinnier Lane, Saugerties
15 Prospect St., Saugerties
3435 Rt. 32, Saugerties
260 Harry Wells Rd., Saugerties
14 Latham Circle, Saugerties
19 Mountain View Ave., Saugerties
17 Bigelow Rd., Malden
208 Harry Wells Rd.
64 Post St.
310 Lauren Tice Rd.
516 Band Camp Rd.