Sex Money Murder

In 1993, Kingston police executed a search warrant at a house on Prospect Street looking for drugs and dealers. Among the haul that night was a burly 19-year-old from the Bronx named Peter Rollack.

It was Rollack’s first felony charge. It would not be his last. In the half-decade between his arrest in Kingston and his imprisonment for life plus 105 years on racketeering charges, “Pistol Pete” would transform a crew of crack dealers from the Soundview housing projects into a powerhouse vehicle for the importation of West-Coast gang culture to New York and beyond. In that time Rollack would fold his “Soundview Murderers” crew, renamed Sex Money Murder (SMM). into one of the original eight “sets” of the East Coast Bloods. They spread a code of violence, intimidation and silence that still resonates in Kingston…

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