Woman, teen fight following confrontation over social media rumors


According to police, a 43-year-old woman confronted an 18-year-old in Saugerties earlier today, accusing the teen of spreading rumors about her daughter on Twitter. Both were arrested after the confrontation got physical.

Police said Brandi Kime, 43, of Harry Wells Rd., went to the Hommelville Rd. residence of Kaleigh Sheckler, 18, at around 11 a.m. this morning, where she confronted Sheckler about allegedly spreading rumors over Twitter about her daughter.

In the course of the confrontation, Kime allegedly spit in Sheckler’s face, and Sheckler allegedly punched Kime in the face two or three times, causing a laceration on Kime’s nose.


Sheckler was arrested and charged with second-degree harassment. Kime was arrested and charged with second-degree harassment and trespass. Both were released on their own recognizance, due back in court Wednesday, Nov. 16.

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  1. Madison

    I think that cyber things are always an issue at this age but I don’t ever think a mother should approach and trespass onto someone’s property and to spit upon someone is inhumaine the woman also harassed this girl clearly to the point where she had to come to her home where there is also a child that could be emotionally traumatized from seeing his big sister get approached and harnessed like this it’s unacceptable and immature for someone of that age I think that the girl is innocent and the woman approaching the girl is unjust and unright and should most definitely be unright in the eyes of the law

  2. Jomama

    I think that the mother is totally wrong doing this. she should have called the girls mother and let her know what is going on between the two girls and not go after a 18 year old kid .I guess this women is afraid of a women her own age .I am 53 years old I wish she will come to my house and spit at me I bet she will not spit at anyone any more.she needs to let her daughter fight her own battle’s or maby her daughter is just a trouble maker that can’t fight her own battles.

  3. Jomama

    its terrible that a grown women has to fight with a 18 year old kid .she should have called the mother or called the police .this probably wouldn’t have happend .I hope she learned a lesson

  4. The Grown Up In The Room

    STOP IT!!!
    A mother can’t fight a child. A mother shouldn’t fight a mother!!! Put your phones down and DO SOMETHING REAL. The entire reason we are in such nasty shape these days is due in large part to the self-absorbed,
    self-importance people have come to believe because of social media. From the insanity of trump’s tweets to grown women brawling with 18-year olds to 18-year old’s trashing othe 18-year olds. THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE. BE NICE TO EACH OTHER FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!

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