KPD charges teen as Midtown shooter

Ramel Ruffin. (KPD photo)

Ramel Ruffin. (KPD photo)

Kingston police Wednesday night arrested the man they said pulled the trigger during the Monday, Dec. 7 altercation on a Midtown street that ended with gunfire which left one man wounded and residents of a nearby senior housing complex rattled.

The incident occurred around 2:10 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 7 when Kingston police responded to a call about three men, one with a gun, chasing another male down the street. When police arrived at the corner of Bruyn Avenue and O’Neil Street, they found a 24-year-old man shot and wounded. Police say the three men assaulted the victim before one of them opened fire as he tried to flee. The victim sustained a gunshot wound to his arm; the bullet passed through his body before exiting his back. Two more rounds struck a nearby senior residence but nobody was injured by the stray bullets. By the time officers arrived, police said, the suspects had fled in a vehicle.

The KPD said that at about 9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, they arrested Ramel L. Ruffin, 18, who they believe fired the shots. Ruffin’s been charged with felony second-degree attempted murder and was, as of that night, being held awaiting arraignment.


On the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 8, police made their first arrest in the case. According to police, Alzaiah S. Jackson, 23 of St. James Street was not the gunman, but was one of the individuals involved in the initial assault on the victim. Police say Jackson struck the victim several times before one of his cohorts opened fire. Jackson is charged with misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree criminal facilitation and third-degree assault. He was arraigned in Kingston City Court and sent to the Ulster County Jail with no bail.

KPD Lt. Thierry Croizer said detectives believe the shooting was related to a prior altercation between the victim and the suspects. “These individuals were known to each other,” said Croizer. “There was some history there.”

Police say the investigation is continuing and more arrests are expected.

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  1. gerald berke

    He’s not a “teen”… he is 18 years old but not a “teen”… he is a young man. That is not thoughtful reporting, you give up control of your story with information that a reader can create for himself. Similarly, when you public pictures of the miscreant, as black people, again, you merely prejudice people with information they do NOT need to SEE: you may list the color explicitly (young black man) if you’d like… if you are going to say “young white man, young Irish man, young asian, young Catholic, young whatever…
    Jon Steward, in confronting FOX news said “stop it! you are hurting our country”… that applies to the Kingston Times, here… as a local, literate newspaper, you have an opportunity to make a stand, lead, show the way…

  2. Lita

    Gee Gerry. 8 teen makes him a teen.
    Not sure what your point is really.
    All I know is Kingston is just a little safer today.
    If you dont like the truth:
    1 he is a teen
    2 he is black
    3 he will be going away for a very long time

    Then you just keep deflecting. Blame the paper.
    The police.
    Social Services
    School District
    Then keep living the lie while the rest of us move along.

    Happy Holidays Gerry.

  3. Jan B

    He shouldn’t be treated as an adult because children don’t have full capacity of their brains until they are 21-22 yrs old.
    He really needs rehabilitation but can he get it? That’s another question.

  4. SThom****

    First, I’m confused about the charge. How is it murder if the victim is alive? From what I’ve read, there are different degrees of murder, but the victim most assuredly, must be dead!

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